Strategic thinking

Our positive impact

Our work is characterized by having a positive impact on Protected Natural Areas, in which we carry out a shared management of the territory, coordinated, with legal certainty and with governmental and non-governmental entities, whose purposes benefit the conservation and protection of natural and cultural resources.

Our Vision

To build a balance between nature and society.

Our Purpose

To conserve nature today to ensure its existence tomorrow.

Our Values

We are committed to nature and work as a team to be part of the change through actions of integrity that reflect our commitment and responsibility to the environment.

Our work contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015 through solid strategic lines. Framed in these strategic lines, we seek to generate transformative impacts on the Guatemalan population and nature:

We promote initiatives that contribute to mitigate the effects of climate change, with the purpose of enabling populations to adapt and be resilient in the long term.  In addition, through forest conservation and protection actions, we contribute to carbon sequestration within the core zones of Protected Natural Areas.

To protect the natural protected areas under our care, we carry out actions to protect the forest cover, as well as implement forest resource management plans with the objective of an orderly and sustainable use, integrated fire management plans and biological monitoring for the conservation of flora and fauna.

We support the teaching-learning process with the purpose of strengthening capacities and generating positive attitude changes. We train leaders and trainers, work with educational centers, raise awareness among visitors to our natural protected areas and the general population.

We strengthen our work with local and national political advocacy, with the purpose of participating in decision making and in the formulation of public policies. We promote citizen participation through training for community leaders and decision-makers, and we support associations, cooperatives, and local committees to strengthen their organizational systems.

We optimize the operation of our organization through investment in organizational development, ensuring the standardization of processes, financial sustainability, order and efficiency in the execution of programs and the consolidation of alliances. We work under objectives that allow us to maintain the quality of our processes and transparency with our donors and strategic allies.