What do we do?

Our strategic pillars

Natural areas and biodiversity

To protect the natural protected areas under our responsibility, we carry out actions to protect the forest cover, as well as implement forest resource management plans with the objective of an orderly and sustainable use, integrated fire management plans and biological monitoring for the conservation of flora and fauna.  We also seek spaces for dialogue to reduce key conflicts in the natural protected areas we co-manage, encouraging the sustainable management and use of ecosystem services.

We carry out tours and patrols to identify threats

We carry out environmental technical expertise

We train authorities in control and surveillance within the AP’S

We perform maintenance on firewall breaches

We raise awareness on forest fire issues

We train and equip in fire control and fighting

We reforest with native trees

We conserve and maintain reforested areas

We monitor in areas with natural regeneration

In this pillar we are working on 6 programs: Governance, Control and surveillance, Forest protection, biological stations, actively conserved species and ecosystems, and Restoration of natural landscapes, which by 2027 will allow us to meet goals that are aligned with our vision

Of the total surface area of ​​the core zones of the 4 protected areas under the co-management of Defensores, they will be patrolled.

The surface of the 4 protected areas under the co-management of Defensores will be under monitoring with technology.

4 Integrated Fire Management Plans in the 4 protected areas.

Self-sustaining biological stations in operation

4 Biological monitoring programs in the 4 protected areas and zones of influence.

Hectares under biological restoration.

4 forest health and sanitation management plans will have been implemented in the 4 protected areas.

4 conservation initiatives for threatened species and/or strategic ecosystems will be activated.

Spaces for dialogue and transformation of key conflicts in 3 protected areas.

The protected areas in our charge will be part of:

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