What do we do?

Our strategic pillars

Climate action and resilience

We promote initiatives that contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change, with the purpose of enabling populations to adapt and be resilient in the long term. In addition, through forest conservation and protection actions, we contribute to carbon sequestration within the core zones of the Protected Natural Areas, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. To achieve this, in recent years we have implemented:

We implement Ecosystem-based Adaptation measures (EbA).

We conserve watersheds

We establish and maintain agroforestry systems

We implement family and community gardens. 

We establish energy forests.

We implement soil conservation practices and provide maintenance.

We reforest in protected natural areas and areas of influence.

By 2027, through our Community Adaptation to Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation programs, we will achieve:

Communities with adoption of climate resilience molding.

Hectares implemented with productive restoration measures.

Beneficiaries who live in the 4 areas of FDN influence will maintain a climate resilience model.

The core zones will act as carbon reservoirs in the protected areas.

Tons of carbon equivalent (TCO2eq) will be reduced annually.

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