What do we do?

Our strategic pillars

Citizen advocacy

Being a relevant actor in the territory, Defensores de la Naturaleza seeks to strengthen its work in local and national political advocacy, with the purpose of participating in decision making and in the formulation of public policies. Advocacy in the territories is carried out by grassroots organizations such as community and municipal development committees, municipal governments, and local governmental entities.

We also promote citizen participation through training for community leaders and decision-makers who participate in development and decision-making spaces, and we support associations, cooperatives, and local committees to strengthen their organizational system

During the next 5 years, with public policy, citizen participation and training programs, we will seek to meet our goals:

Agenda of public advocacy priorities on natural resources and biodiversity.

Conventions, agreements and standards applicable to protected areas.

Allocation of funds to the budget line of the National System of Protected Areas.

Position ourselves at the national level as a reference in environmental issues.

Opinion leaders and decision makers will be trained.

Public spaces for discussion between public actors and civil society

Trained leaders of Defensores de la Naturaleza will participate in open spaces.

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