What do we do?

Our strategic pillars

Organizational development

We seek to optimize the functioning of our organization through investment in organizational development, ensuring the standardization of processes, financial sustainability, order, and efficiency in the execution of programs and the consolidation of alliances. We work under objectives that allow us to maintain the quality of our processes, and transparency with our cooperators and strategic allies.

In 5 years Defensores de la Naturaleza will improve its operation, performance, and projection through the use of an effective administrative management system based on objectives. Achieving the following goals:

Transparency plan (internal audit) implemented.

Standardization of processes through the development of documents.

Positioning strategy of the Fundación Defensores de la Naturaleza.

Financial collection mechanisms for the sustainability of Defensores.

An equity investment fund will be supported.

A financial culture program will have been executed.

Consolidated annual strategic alliances.

Human talent management manual.

Training plan implemented.

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