Environmental education

To know and understand the environment is the key to the long-term conservation of our natural resources.


We can’t fix the environment without understanding it.


Environmental education is fundamental to teach people about how their day to day actions can impact natural resources.

It’s not enough just telling someone to protect nature; you have to teach them why it is necessary and how to take care of it. We must educate society about the human impact on current environmentalist problems. Otherwise, we’re never going to achieve change.

We promote programs in our protected areas that provide knowledge and create leaders

Environmental education

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PCB Project

Environmental management and disposal of contaminated equipment with PCB and DDT waste, and the development of the technical capacities in Guatemala

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Sustainable development

It’s impossible to think about a green future without a sustainable society.

Research and monitoring

We learn from our natural resources and the life within.

Political advocacy

If we want a significant change in our society, we need a significant change in the regulations of said society.

Climate action

Future is now. For a greener tomorrow we must act today.