Lacandón Forests for Life

Is a project located in Sierra del Lacandón National Park within the Petén department north of Guatemala. The goal is to conserve the tropical forest and its ecosystems while collaborating with the local communities.


An alternative for the local communities and the environment

The project started on February 1st of 2012 and, we expected it to last until January 31st of 2041. So far, we have avoided enough forest deforestation and degradation to produce carbon credits that are certified by the VCS and CCB.


When we designed this project, we considered the local communities to create a free and informed partnership. Currently, we only work in cooperatives La Lucha, La Técnica Agropecuaria, La Unión Maya Itzá, and private properties of Defensores de la Naturaleza.

The tropical forest of the north of Guatemala is considered a biodiversity hotspot. Within Maya Biosphere Reserve, Sierra del Lacandón is one of the most endangered ecosystems of the world. It offers refuge to species in danger of extinction like the scarlet macaw (Ara Macao), white-lipped peccary (Tayassu pecari), and jaguar (Panthera onca).

Sustainable forestry activities constitute an income for local communities. They have also improved water management and farming techniques to conserve the natural resources of the area. We are proud of this project because it reinforces local governance, encourages woman participation, and develops sustainable economic initiatives.


Results of the project at Sierra del Lacandón National Park


hectares conserved


species protected


families benefited


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