Research and monitoring

We learn from our natural resources and the life within.


Knowledge to protect

Nature’s treasure

Understanding the territory allows us to make informed decisions about the management of our natural resources. For us, tracking key species helps us get an idea of the problems our areas are facing.

We sustain our actions by the research conducted in the protected areas finding the results are way more impactful. Also, we collaborate on a regional level to protect important terrestrial and marine ecosystems through allies from the public and private sectors.


Support our journal!

Not only do we generate information for ourselves, but we also share it with the world. We contribute to academic research and publications through the Mesoamerican Journal of Biodiversity and Climate Change, YU’AM.

Get to know about

Our Actions

Environmental education

To know and understand the environment is the key to the long-term conservation of our natural resources.

Sustainable development

It’s impossible to think about a green future without a sustainable society.

Political advocacy

If we want a significant change in our society, we need a significant change in the regulations of said society.

Climate action

Future is now. For a greener tomorrow we must act today.